Afton Heritage Hall of Fame

Born in Bradford Yorkshire England, immigrated to the United
States and on to the Salt Lake Valley in 1854.  William arrived in
Afton in 1886.

    Was the first merchant in Star Valley selling first from
a wagon, then from a tent, and finally from the first
framed building in Afton.  The business was
incorporated as W.W. Burton & Sons Mercantile in
Established the first commercial creamery in Afton in
1900, and expanded to creameries in Osmond,
Freedom, Thayne, and Bedford.  These creameries
were responsible for much of the growth and wealth
of Star Valley for the next twenty-five years.
Imported registered Holstein Cattle from Wisconsin
to improve the dairy herds of Star Valley in 1910.
Served as 1st Counselor in the first LDS Stake
Presidency from 1892 - 1913 and as LDS Stake
Patriarch from 1913 until his death in 1918.
William Walton Burton
1833 - 1918