Afton Heritage Hall of Fame

Born in 1908 in Afton, Wyoming, to Thomas John Call and Ethel
Grace Papworth, Reuel loved his beautiful mountain valley for
ninety-four years.  While still in school he started work on his
dreams of making Afton the center of economic successes.

∑ 1928 - Opened one of the first retail gasoline outlets in
∑ 1930 - Learned to fly, and began promoting aviation in Afton.
∑ Late 1930ís - Had retail gasoline outlets in Wyoming, Idaho
and Utah.
∑ 1939 - Began designing an airplane that would fly well in
high mountain locations.
∑ 1945 - Licensed and began production of the Callair aircraft.
∑ 1950 - Led local Lions Club and businessmen to begin
construction on a modern airport.  He and Ben Nield
donated the real estate.
∑ 1960ís - Built two refineries, in Utah and New Mexico.
∑ Pioneered self-service gasoline and convenience stores
and expanded his locations in the 1970ís.
∑ At age 90, had 132 stores in seven Western states, all
operated from Afton, Wyoming.
∑ As of 2010, his grandsons manage more than 200
convenience stores and all supporting operations. 
Reuel T. Call
1908 - 2002