Afton Heritage Hall of Fame
Osborne was born in Ovid, Idaho, to Scottish immigrants.  He grew
up on a small farm, and attended schools in Smithfield, Utah.  His
first job was working in Montana building railroad.  He then came
to Star Valley in 1890 at the age of twenty-five at the invitation of
his father, and established a ranching and cattle business.

Ordained as Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-
day Saints in 1893 and served for twenty-five years.  He also
served in many other capacities in the church.
Helped in building the Afton Tabernacle.
In 1917 he purchased a load of registered Holstein cattle
from Davenport, Iowa, which helped improve the valley
dairy business.
Helped in incorporating the Town of Afton. 
Served as Mayor of Afton for four years.
Helped in bringing electric lights to Afton.
Served two terms in the Wyoming State Legislature. 
Served as Committee Chairman for the first telephone line
from Montpelier, Idaho to Afton.
He was Owner and Manager of O. Low Telephone Company.
He was a champion wrestler, very athletic, and loved good
Osborne Low
1865 - 1956