Afton Heritage Hall of Fame

Mit was born on June 8, 1889, to Emery and Martha Ann Tolman Barrus.  His early
years were spent helping on the homestead in Fairview, and at the age of 18, he
served a mission in the North Central States.  He later graduated from BYC in
Logan, Utah.  Mit was a schoolteacher in Etna from 1915-1916, and  owned  and 
operated  a  hardware  store  in  Afton  during  the  mid  1920s.  He later had an auto
dealership and garage.  Mit married Roene Udine Roberts in the Salt Lake temple in
1916; they had five children: Foster, Leah Martha, Roscoe, Lester D., and Emerson.

Raised silver fox, mink, beaver and chinchilla on his fur farm.  Developed a
fur grading system that was used nation-wide.  Was elected the first
president of the National Chinchilla Association.
Served as Mayor of Afton for five terms, during which improvements were
made to the water system out of Swift Creek and to the Afton Septic
System.  He also helped bring about a new highway through the Snake
River Canyon.
Served three terms as a State Legislator.
Served as President of the Chamber of Commerce.
Served as a Member of the School Board.
Served as a Member of a state appointed Snake River Watershed
In the 1930s Mit negotiated a contract to rebuild and gravel the highway in
the Narrows.
Was involved in many wild horse roundups where hundreds of wild horses
were driven into Star Valley.  Horses were an economic blessing to the
local ranchers.
Organized a winter carnival called The Top of the Rockies Winter
Carnival, which brought famous ski jumping champions and other
professionals to Star Valley.
Loved drama, both as an actor and as a director, and wrote many articles
as well as stories of early Star Valley life.  He loved music and composed
lyrics and music to several songs for which he held copyrights.
Was very generous with his means, especially to those in need during the
great depression.

Emery Milton (Mit) Barrus
1889 - 1958