Afton Heritage Hall of Fame

Born in Sweden on May 27, 1858, Kerstina came to America at the
age of eighteen, traveling by wagon train to Salt Lake City.  

· Called with her husband by LDS President Wilford Woodruff
to help settle the Afton area (1890).
· Called and set apart by Apostle Joseph F. Smith to be a
midwife and to attend to the sick (1890).
· Served as Relief Society president for twelve years.
· Mother of thirteen children, three of whom died at birth.

Kerstina Neilson Harrison Olson
1858 - 1914
She came with quiet dignity and grace,
A stranger in our midst, but stayed not so,
For soon she found a work and came to know,
A host of people, who saw in her face,
True love and service for the human race…

When'er the call to duty for her came,
She answered promptly, "Here" and faltered not,
But hastened to comply, and ever sought to brighten
And lend sunshine to life's game.
So let us follow in her footsteps,
And when our call comes let us answer "Here."