Afton Heritage Hall of Fame

George Osmond was born in London, England in 1836.  He came to
America in 1855, where he and his family joined the pioneers and
crossed the plains.  In 1892 he moved from Bloomington, Idaho, to
Afton, Wyoming, to become the first Stake President of the Star
Valley Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He
reared seventeen children, and took part in civic life.

Served as Justice of the Peace.
Schoolteacher throughout much of his adult life.
Probate Judge.
Served two LDS missions to his homeland in 1884 - 1886
and 1890 - 1892.
Helped plan and develop many civic and business projects
including the Star Valley Stake Tabernacle, the Crow Creek
Road and the Afton Creamery. 
Served two terms as State Senator in the Wyoming State
Legislature, 1889 - 1901.

George Osmond
1836 - 1913