Afton Heritage Hall of Fame
Con was born in Huntsville, Utah, on February 22, 1881.  At the age
of six he moved to Star Valley with his family; they lived in the first
home in Afton to be built out of lumber.  In 1901 he worked on the
range herding sheep, and at the age of twenty-two he was called to
serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
to the Northern States.  Upon returning from his mission he
worked for the Consolidated Wagon and Machinery Company, and
also as a Forest Ranger.  In 1907, Con married Mary Roberts and
together they had seven children.

Served as President of the Star Valley Chamber of
Served as Lincoln County Fair President.
Served as President of the Afton Businessmen Association.
Served as Vice County Chairman of the Republican Party.
Was Sergeant of Arms at the 27th Session of the Wyoming
Served as Afton Town Councilman and served four terms as
Mayor of Afton.  During his tenure as Mayor water was piped
to the Afton Cemetery and the Fair Grounds, the Afton
Library building was erected, the first fire fighting
equipment was purchased, road and sidewalk snow removal
equipment was purchased, cement sidewalks were
installed, road improvements were made, new vapor street
lighting was installed, and a five-acre sewage disposal pool
was constructed.
G.W. (Con) Yeaman
1881 - 1957