Afton Heritage Hall of Fame
Born in Paris, Idaho, and raised in Bedford, Wyoming.  He worked on the
family farm and attended local schools until age seventeen when he
enrolled at Fielding Academy in Paris, Idaho.  On June 8, 1911, G.A.
married his sweetheart, Nora Heap.  Together they raised four children:
Elmo, Della, and twins, Jean and Jessie.  He was an astute businessman,
and ran  his own  varied  businesses.  He  served  as  postmaster,  school 
board  trustee,  a  water commissioner, and was a shareholder, director,
and officer of the bank in Freedom and subsequently the bank in Afton.

· Postmaster and owner of “G.A. Newswander General
Merchandise” (1922-1939).
· Original shareholder in the Freedom State Bank in 1914.  Became
a director in 1922.
· When the Freedom State Bank and the Afton State Bank were
merged in 1927, he remained as a shareholder, director, and
officer for 53 years.
· Served as Savings Bond Chairman for Star Valley during World
War II helping raise thousands of dollars through bond sales.
· Served on a committee to construct the Veterans Memorial
Building in Afton.
· Established a successful loan business from his home, helping
many valley residents.
· Elected to the Afton Town Council in May 1941, serving two terms.
· Elected Mayor of Afton in 1951 and again in 1953. 
Accomplishments during his term of service included the water
system from the intermittent spring, fire hydrants, oiled roads, and
street signs.
G. A. Newswander
1888 - 1984