Afton Heritage Hall of Fame
Born in Willard, Utah, A.V. came to Afton in the summer of 1887
because the governor of Wyoming welcomed Mormons who he
said were good colonizers.  A.V. Call was exactly that, for he would
eventually have four wives and thirty-seven children, and for many
years would be the principal carpenter of Star Valley.  He built
everything from flour bins to tabernacles.

Built the first chapel in Afton in 1892.
Chosen as counselor to George Osmond in the first Star
Valley Stake Presidency in 1892.
Elected with Osborne Low and William Kennington to
incorporate Afton in 1901.
First Mayor of Afton from 1901 - 1905.
Chosen as architect and contractor for Star Valley Stake
Tabernacle in 1904.
Completed the Tabernacle in 1909.
Taught school in the winter, and built many homes during
the summers.
Served as Mayor again from 1912 - 1914.
Promoted and supervised the construction of the first Afton
water system from 1913 - 1914.
Served again as Mayor from 1924 - 1927 (nine terms in all).
Federal Land Bank appraiser for Lincoln, Uinta and Teton
Counties from 1910 - 1935.

Anson Vasco Call, II
1855 - 1944