Afton Heritage Hall of Fame
Born in England on August 22, 1841, Annie was the only child of
George and Esther Seward.  Her widowed mother worked as a
governess, leaving Annie in the care of wealthy aunts who taught
her music, and gave her fourteen years of formal education.  Annie
and her mother were taught by American missionaries, and joined
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, soon after
embarking on a voyage across the Atlantic.  Annie met William
Henry Kennington on her trek to the Salt Lake Valley, and they
were married in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City on April 1,
1865.  The young couple made their first home in Tooele, Utah,
where the first three of eight children were born.  Soon after, they
moved to Liberty, Idaho, and then to Afton, Wyoming.  Annie took
her stewardship for her own family, as well as for the children and
women of Star Valley, very seriously.

· One of Afton’s first school teachers.
· The first Primary President in the Star Valley Wyoming LDS
· Counselor to Alice J. Call in Star Valley Stake Relief Society
· Homemade remedies, bread, yeast, shoes, soap, candles,
shirts, pants and dresses, often by firelight, were only a few
of her pioneer products.
· A bright, cheerful, courageous pioneer woman who “went
about doing good.”
Annie Rebecca Seward Kennington
1841 - 1916